Salisbury Woodland

Salisbury Woodland Blackpool

Salisbury Woodland

The beautiful Salisbury Woodland was planted during the 1930’s in order to serve as a recreation area for use of the public. Designated as a County Biological Heritage site in 1993, this attractive woodland area has significant local/regional ecological value.

Visiting the Salisbury Woodland you will be able to see many different trees & shrubs, both native and exotic. This gives you the chance to view species of a variety of countries all within a few acres of land.

The Ranger Service organise numerous guided walks in the gardens and their are also a number of activities for the children. Events ranging from tree and bulb planting to bird and bat box making are held, as well as talks on trees and history.

Located in between Blackpool Zoo and Stanley Park, the Salisbury Woodland Gardens are in the perfect location for tourists to visit.